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How To Play YouTube Videos in the Background on an Android Device

If you’re looking for a free solution that lets you multitask with videos, here’s how you can do it.

How To Play YouTube Videos in the Background on an Android Device

  1. Download this app.
    The app you will need to look for in the Google Play store is called Awesome Popup Video. It is free, although there is an optional paid version to play videos ad-free. The free version should cover you for most of your background  YouTubing needs, that is unless you want to watch videos that are more than five minutes in length.

  2. Search for a video via the app.
    Once the app is installed on your Android phone, you will have a number of options for watching videos. The app itself features clips you can access straight away. If there is a specific video you want to watch, you can search for it in the app via the magnifying glass icon. You can also view a video by going onto YouTube, selecting the Share tab, and choosing the app icon.


  3. Get on with your life.
    Once you have selected the video, it will play in a little pop-up box on your screen. It will remain there while you do whatever it is you need to do. You can drag and drop it to different parts of your screen if it happens to get in the way. Annoyingly, if you decide to turn the screen off, your phone will pause. That means you, unfortunately, can not listen to a music video without keeping your screen on. Still, it is a useful way to listen to music via YouTube or Vimeo while scrolling through Twitter or checking your emails.

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